Are you recruiting for the military?

No. The focus of our program is to instill leadership skills, self-discipline and self-confidence will continue to help meet life’s challenges. The NJROTC curriculum includes twenty four different subject areas from Naval orientation and seamanship to astronomy and oceanography, history from early western civilization to the 1990’s and beyond. Throughout, strong emphasis is placed on leadership, personal honor, self-reliance and self-discipline.

What is NJROTC?

The Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps began in 1966. Today there are more then 425 programs throughout the United States, District of Columbia, Guam, Japan and Italy. NJROTC is a program directed to teach high school students, self-discipline and confidence in themselves. NJROTC helps students realize their full potential by pushing them to do what they thought was impossible. This is why NJROTC is such an important program for developing young minds.

Are there any mandatory events required outside of the school day for all JROTC cadets?

Yes there are. Although most events for cadets who are not on special teams take place within the school day, the Ashland Holiday Parade which is the SUNDAY prior to Thanksgiving is a required event for all cadets. Parents must certify at the beginning of the year that they agree to this and understand that a zero for a major test grade will be given to all cadets who miss this parade. Also, there are two awards ceremonies each year, one during December and the other in late April or early May. Although no grade is given, a cadet may not be promoted nor will they receive awards if they do not attend this event.

Will I have to cut my hair?

Most likely. See our Uniform Regulations Page for more information on appearance and grooming.

Will I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, it is a requirement for all cadets to wear issued uniforms.

Does it cost anything to join NJROTC?

No, all uniforms and equipment are provided. You may have to get the uniform pants hemmed and occasionally you may need to have your uniform dry cleaned. See our Uniform Care Page for more information.

Will I have to stay after school?

Maybe. Depending on which unit activities you decide to participate in, you may have after school practices, summer practices and even competitions on the weekend.

Can anyone join?

Yes, our program is open to anyone. There are no physical prerequisites for our cadets.