AMI Dec 08, 2022

On the 8th of December 2022, we had our annual Area Managers Inspection. (AMI)  This year was an “off site inspection” meaning we are inspected by a local senior officer vs. the Area Manager.  We chose an all Army team to challenge the cadets and every member of the inspection team served as Combat Infantryman, Airborne and in 2 cases were Rangers.
I am pleased to say our cadets stepped up and performed wonderfully.  I know we demand quite a bit from the cadets but the pride they exhibited and their overall performance shows that they are capable of standing up and taking on any thing we throw at them.  One of the the inspectors provided the following comments on his official report:
     “The Patrick Henry NJROTC overall performance was exceptional! The highlight of the inspections included the unit’s color guard, the drill team, and the brief. Additionally, overall cadet appearance, knowledge, and organization was outstanding. It is clearly evident that the unit is well‐led and dedicated to ensuring each member is disciplined and knowledgeable.   The observation bleachers were nearly full of parents and the viewing party included the school principal and a school board member. Additionally, both the school choir (National Anthem) and band (Anchors Away) performed during the event.”