Cadet Parent Organization

Welcome to the Patriot Navy Cadet Parents Organization. The Organization was formed in 2002 to support the academic program and enrichment activities of the Navy Junior ROTC Unit through the voluntary participation of parents and other interested adults in all aspects of the ROTC program at Patrick Henry High School. In our current year we continue that Mission with renewed optimism for the future! The CPO has been busy planning for an upcoming great year in supporting the Lieutenant and the entire Patrick Henry Cadet Corps in their many activities and pursuits.

Important CPO Announcement

Gmail is now extremely restrictive about sending email messages with lengthy distribution lists.  The only way around this was to form a Google Group.  Invitations were sent a few weeks ago, but the subject line Google uses made it appear that no action was needed by the recipient.  You must accept the invitation to join.

Going forward announcements from the CPO will only come through the Google Group.  This website will also have some of our updates, but for up to date information, please make sure you are a member of the Google Group.  If you are not sure, please contact Regina Yushchak.  Thank you!


Meetings are held every third week of the month at 1815, during the school year (this is subject to change in the event of a holiday) and are located in the NJROTC classroom at Patrick Henry High School. Our next meeting for the 2017-2018 school year will be on September 21, 2017.


Our organization’s goals include:

  • Improving communications to the CPO Membership;
  • Increasing parental involvement in the CPO and soliciting additional support;
  • Organizing the CPO fundraising and accounting;
  • and continuing to build the CPO in order to support & strengthen the NJROTC Unit.


Position Name Phone Email
President Regina Yushchak
Vice President Holly Manke
Treasurer LaReine Ervin
Secretary Stacy Gilman
Members at Large Sue Dibble

Betty Kay Goodman

Senior Naval Science Instructor LT James Head 804-365-8052

Current Fundraisers

Find great gift ideas all year round at our Web Store!  Currently the link is closed. The link will be open at the beginning of the school year for Cadets and Parents to be able to purchase items. Stay tuned to the website for the exact dates.

Supporting the Unit

During the year parents often ask how they can help support the program.  We are now using “Volunteer Spot” as a tool to sign up for things during the year.  Please visit the Volunteer Spot link.  We will post items needed for upcoming events here.  Thank you!


For more information about the Cadet Parents Organization, please contact us via e-mail or our regular mailing address at:

Patriot Navy Cadet Parents Organization
PO Box 53
Ashland, Virginia 23005