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The Patrick Henry High School Navy Junior ROTC program began in 2001, and has grown each year. Our program includes four years of academic course study and follows the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. In addition to academic studies, cadets are required to participate in physical activities, drills and team building exercises. Cadets may also join one of the following teams:


Why Join NJROTC?

From the Senior Naval Science Instructor

There are new guidelines for female hairstyles.  These are noted in Cadet Information, Uniform Regulations, or you can click here.

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Find great gift ideas all year round at our Web Store!  Each purchase supports the PHNJROTC.

T-shirt orders are closed for pre-holiday orders.  Please watch for orders to open again in January.

New t-shirts are now available for cadets and parents!  T-shirts are $20 each and orders are due by December 15th, 2015.  T-shirts will be gray, long sleeve “Beefy Tees,” like their red shirts.  Please consult those for sizing.

Orders will be available for pickup by December 22nd at TSI Promotionals.  All payments must be sent to the school or brought to Winter Awards.  TSI cannot process payment for shirts.  Please click here to place your order.  PLEASE NOTE:  Response boxes are below each question.
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Important CPO Announcement

Gmail is now extremely restrictive about sending email messages with lengthy distribution lists.  The only way around this was to form a Google Group.  Invitations were sent a few weeks ago, but the subject line Google uses made it appear that no action was needed by the recipient.  You must accept the invitation to join.

Going forward announcements from the CPO will only come through the Google Group.  This website will also have some of our updates, but for up to date information, please make sure you are a member of the Google Group.  If you are not sure, please contact Melissa Jones.  Thank you!