Welcome to the Patrick Henry High School Navy JROTC Website

The Patrick Henry High School Navy Junior ROTC program began in 2001, and has grown each year. Our program includes four years of academic course study and follows the Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. In addition to academic studies, cadets are required to participate in physical activities, drills and team building exercises. Cadets may also join one of the following teams:



From the Senior Naval Science Instructor

There are new guidelines for female hairstyles.  These are noted in Cadet Information, Uniform Regulations, or you can click here.

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Find great gift ideas all year round at our Web Store!  Currently the link is closed. The link will be open at the beginning of the school year for Cadets and Parents to be able to purchase items. Stay tuned to the website for the exact dates.

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Military Ball

The 2017-2018 Patrick Henry High School Military Ball will be on 13 January 2018 at the Jefferson Lakeside Country Clun. Tickets will go on sale on or about 15 December 2017. The price has yet to be determined. Contact the NSI’s with any questions.

Area Manager Inspection (AMI)

The NJROTC Area Five Manager will be conduct the units AMI on 07 Dec 2017at 0845. This is a major evolution for the school and the unit. All parents area invited to attend the inspection and pass in review portion in the New Gym.  All cadets will be in NSU’s with Garrison Caps and in formation by 0830. Please contact Senior Chief with any questions.

King George Drill Competition

The drill team will be competing on 09 Dec 2017. All cadets must be at the school by 0545 for a 0600 departure. Cadets will contact parents when we are 1 hour from returning to the school for pick-up. Permission slips have been distributed with all the required information. Contact Senior Chief for any additional details.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

For all cadets who are taking the SAT/ACT this year, the below website is a test prep site that is free to use for all NJROTC Cadets. For any questions, contact C/LT Summerfield or Senior Chief.http://www.jrotccollegeprep.com/

New Reference Manual and Cadet Handbook Available

All Cadets should review both manuals before the start of the school year. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Master Guns or Senior Chief.